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I write about several different topics, but the most common subject areas are:

  1. Parenting and Childhood — including a story series about the perils of punishment.
  2. ADHD, Autism, Neurodiversity, and Mental Health
  3. Education and Child Advocacy
  4. Disability, Social Issues, and Advocacy
  5. Psychology
  6. Writing

Stories about Parenting and Childhood

Stop Recommending Behavioural Therapies

Demanding Blind Obedience is Dangerous

Keeping Our Cool With Our Kids

Children Are Cute, But They’re Not Puppies

Anxiety: It’s Not What It Looks Like

Things You Should Never Say To The Parent of an Autistic or ADHD Child

The ADHD Iceberg Explained

Stop Gaslighting Children

The Benefits of Wondering Out Loud

Lucky versus Unlucky Behaviours

Preparing for Back to School

Me and My Mini-Me

Stop Calling Children Defiant

Set your Child up for Summer Camp Success

Why I’m Actually Okay with My Son Calling Me Out

Power Trips Lead to Power Struggles

Pandemic Parenting: Am I Doing This Right?

Helping Your Child Thrive During Remote Learning

The Power of Validation

Help with Challenging Behaviours in Children

Challenging Behaviours in Teens

My ADHD 2e Booklist

Kinder, More Effective Alternatives to Punishment

Punishing Unwanted Behaviour Just Makes it Worse

Punishments Don’t Teach Skills

Punishment Does Not Work

Stories About Neurodiversity and Mental Health

Links Between ADHD And Dyslexia

ADHD in Adult Women

Cultural and Communication Differences

Stop Recommending Behavioural Therapies

The Types of Masks We Wear

Exploring Emotional Co-Regulation

Autistic Self-Diagnosis is Valid

The Social Model of Disability

Rejection Got Me So Low

Dysgraphia in Autism & ADHD

Anxiety: It’s Not What It Looks Like

Unmasking in the Wild

ADHD and Autistic Burnout

Defining Neurotypical Privilege

The “Gold Standard” for Autistic Children

Postural Sway in ADHD and Autism

ADHD Medications Aren’t Magic

5 Things I’ve Been Able To Do Since Going On ADHD Meds

I’m Going to Try “Dry-uary” for the First Time Ever

The Most Searched ADHD Topics of 2021

Positive ADHD Traits

Stop Gaslighting Children

Mindfulness: ADHD Style

I’m Autistic, Not “On The Spectrum”

Everyone Is Not “A Little” ADHD or Autistic

Yes, ADHD is Genetic

Recognizing How Emotions Feel Physically In Our Bodies

Neurodiversity and the Politics of Self Control

Social and Behavioural Issues in Neurotypicals

I Prefer Blunt People

Neurodiversity is Not a Group of People

Avoiding Holiday Burnout

My Lightbulb Moments

ADHD Quackery

Research Shows What People With ADHD Have Been Saying For Years

Amen’s “7 Types of A.D.D.” are B.S.

My Autism and ADHD are Not Friends

ADHD is a Significant Risk Factor for PTSD

ADHD and Celiac Walk into a Bar…

Defining ADHD Paralysis

ADHD: The Gift That Still Keeps On Giving

I’d Like to Rewrite the DSM, Please

My Fellow ADHDers: We Do Not Struggle With Object Permanence

How Executive Functions Matter in Daily Living

ADHD and Comorbid Conditions

Support Needs, Not Labels

Clumsy, or is it ADHD?

ADHD Medication Trials

Discovering My Neurodivergence Helped Me Rediscover My Passion

Loud Introverts Unite (Social Anxiety and Sensory Processing Sensitivity)

And Then There Were 2(e): My Journey of Self-Discovery

It’s not a superpower, but it makes me one hell of an entrepreneur

ADHD Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Code Switching and Masking

Impulsivity: It’s a Neurodivergent Thing.

ADHD Puts us at Greater Risk for Addictions

Why Camping is So Good for my ADHD Brain

ADHD, Actually: The Struggle is Real

My ADHD was Misdiagnosed as a Personality Disorder

I was Masking for So Long, I Lost Myself

The Five Stages of Diagnosis

Why Rejection is More Painful with ADHD

The History of ADHD

ADHD: Justice Warriors

Stereotypes Harm Children with ADHD

ADHD: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

A Diagnosis is More Than Just a Label

My Child was Just Diagnosed, Now What?

Myths and Misconceptions About ADHD

ADHD Symptoms the DSM-5 Misses

Emotional Dysregulation is Not Always Pathological

ADHD Awareness Month

It’s My First Time… Neuroqueering

Stories About Neurodiversity

My ADHD 2e Booklist

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Education and Child Advocacy Stories

Behaviour Management Programs are Out-Dated and Ableist

Education-Sponsored Gaslighting

Demanding Blind Obedience is Dangerous

Stop Gaslighting Children

Retribution Versus Restoration

Dysgraphia in Autism & ADHD

Why Gifted Kid Burnout Is A Thing

Practical Classroom Supports

Questions to Ask Prospective Schools

More Empty Proclamations from Manitoba’s Minister of Education

Back to School: The Final Count Down

Suspensions do More Harm than Good

Inclusion Benefits ALL Students

Support Needs, Not Labels

Lucky versus Unlucky Behaviours

How to be an Effective Advocate for your Child

Preparing for Back to School

Treating Your Child’s ADHD Has Nothing To Do With School

What “Inclusive Education” Really Means

Cultivating Inclusive Classrooms

February Was Inclusive Education Month in Manitoba

Planning for Neurodiverse Students

Helping Your Child Thrive During Remote Learning

Is Your Child’s IEP Unintentionally Useless?

Thinking Outside the Box: Challenging the Status Quo (frustrations with accommodations at school)

What To Do When The School Keeps Calling

Is Your Child Struggling While Their School Denies Services?

Gifted Education IS Special Education

Children with Disabilities are NOT an Afterthought

Manitoba Education Needs Stronger Legislation

Manitoba Education’s SSP Handbook Needs An Upgrade

Disability, Social Issues, and Advocacy

The Social Model of Disability

Advocacy Is Not About You

My Anti-Behaviourism Story Series

Shout-Out To My High Maintenance Friends

I’m A Feminist & Didn’t Even Know It

Have Hearing Aid, Will Travel

Everything is on a spectrum

Everyone needs accommodations to thrive


How Executive Functions Matter in Daily Living

ADHD and Comorbid Conditions

It’s not a superpower, but it makes me one hell of an entrepreneur

ADHD Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Why Do Some People Believe Internet Doctors Over Real Doctors?

Stories About Writing

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