Neurodiversity & Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

What the current research tells us (or doesn’t) about RSD.

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Why are some neurodivergent people so sensitive?

We’re extra.

There are a number of possible reasons for people with ADHD experiencing emotions more intensely than others. People with ADHD often experience emotional lability (Sobanski et al., 2010), emotional impulsivity (Barkley, 2015), and negative intent attribution (Andrade et al., 2011).

There has been a lot of discussion about…

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And everything to do with self-worth, daily functioning, quality of life, and mental health.

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Many children with ADHD are identified as struggling with focus, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and other symptoms when they start school. This is because the demands of our traditional school system are often unrealistic even for typically developing children, let alone children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Sit still, stay in your seat, pay…

Research and articles about gifted divergent minds

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I recently came across a 2019 study that sought to characterize the positive aspects of ADHD. The researchers found six traits, each with related sub-traits: cognitive dynamism, courage, energy, humanity, resilience, and transcendence.

They sound a little new-agey and vague, but this is a peer-reviewed article and the authors go…

Actual accommodations and adaptations that help neurodivergent students thrive

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Paperwork versus real life

A lot of times, when a child has an IEP, or has classroom supports or accommodations for a disability, it goes a little something like this.

A student is identified as needing additional support at school. Parents and school staff have a meeting to discuss that child. Together they outline…

The ADHD-related terms most frequently searched on Google in 2021

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I realize 2021 isn’t quite over, but I have ADHD and am very impatient. When I get an idea in my head, it has to happen right now, so you’re welcome.

7) ADHD in Women

As a female-presenting person (who identifies as sometimes female, sometimes non-binary, always “tomboy-ish”), my ADHD diagnosis took more than…

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She/them. Neurodivergent. 20+ yrs SW & Psych. experience. I write about mental health, neurodiversity, advocacy, education, & parenting. Founder of ADHD 2e MB.

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