ADHD, Twice Exceptionality, and the Benefits of Intensity

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Living With Intensity

My son and I are intense. We’re passionate people. We feel profoundly, we experience deeply, and we get really excited about some things.

Sometimes we have difficulties with interrupting others, being excessively restless, making careless mistakes, or being disruptive to others. …

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As if we don’t have enough to deal with already.

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Confession time: I have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol.

I know it, I don’t do much about it, and if you ask me I’ll deny it.

I don’t drink a huge amount and I don’t drink during the day, but I drink more than I should more often than I…

ADHD & Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria

What the current research tells us (or doesn’t) about RSD.

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Why are some people with ADHD so sensitive? We’re extra.

There are a number of possible reasons for people with ADHD experiencing emotions more intensely than others. People with ADHD often experience emotional lability (Sobanski et al., 2010), emotional impulsivity (Barkley, 2015), and negative intent attribution (Andrade et al., 2011).

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And everything to do with self-worth, daily functioning, quality of life, and mental health.

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Many children with ADHD are identified as struggling with focus, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and other symptoms when they start school. This is because the demands of our traditional school system are often unrealistic even for typically developing children, let alone children with neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Sit still, stay in your seat, pay…

ADHD Comorbidities Continued

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As it turns out, ADHD and Celiac actually met in the bar. They seemed to have quite a bit in common and got on well, so they decided to go back to ADHD’s place (ADHD is known for being impulsive, after all).

What is Celiac Disease?

Simply put, Celiac disease (CD) is an immune…

Write for Neurodiversified

Better late than never.

October is ADHD Awareness Month!

Neurodiversified is inviting writers to submit their stories about ADHD, neurodiversity, mental health, psychology, and parenting.

In true ADHD form, we are sharing our October call for submissions 11 days into October… but hey, better late than never is sort of an ADHD motto.

Our October writing prompt:

What do you wish someone had…

All talk and no action, but in a fancy form

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Manitoba’s Education Minister, the Honourable Cliff Cullen, has officially declared October to be Dyslexia Awareness Month here in Manitoba.

Great! That means more resources for schools, and better supports for students, right?



Well, what does it mean, then?



I don’t even have a web page for…

Yep, that’s a question mark right there in the title.

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Originally posted on February 5, 2021

That’s not a typo, that’s a question mark right there in the title.

Did you know this?

‘Cuz…. Apparently February 2021 was Inclusive Education Month in Manitoba….

(Just a couple sections.) ADHD and ODD: what’s the connection?

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Many children with ADHD are also slapped with the label Oppositional-Defiant, or Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD).

As Dr. Barkley so aptly explains, when you include the emotional dysregulation and low frustration tolerance symptoms in the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, then everyone with ADHD is only two additional symptoms away from…

Jillian Enright

She/her. Neurodivergent. 20+ yrs SW & Psych. experience. I write about mental health, neurodiversity, advocacy, education, & parenting. Founder of ADHD 2e MB.

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